Artisan Roaster

£0.00 / year and a £249.00 sign-up fee

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Be part of our global mission to connect the best artisan coffees with coffee lovers across the globe. We love coffee. You love coffee. They love coffee. Let’s connect.

What’s in it for you?

We’ll give you marketing clout.

We know how hard it is to make your marketing budget stretch. One of our co-founders runs a marketing agency  and knows exactly how to help your products reach a wider market and get them into the hands of coffee lovers no matter where they are on this beautiful little planet.

We want the Mhor.Coffee experience to be special and we believe it’s a partnership. You create the great products, we’ll create great marketing.

Every seller on the site will pay a one time registration fee of just £249 inc VAT.

Once you’re set up we’ll arrange to have a suite of 10 of your products photographed professionally so that we can ramp up our digital marketing efforts and help you win new business.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

We want everything on our site to look totally Mhor-ish (see what we did there?) and for every seller listed, we are including a product photo shoot for up to 10 products with our professional photographers to make sure that your products look their best. This is included in your site registration fee.

Our specialist digital marketing team will work with our professional photographers to create a suite of marketing materials and you can also use the images to list on the site, while we use them in our digital marketing activities to help drive sales. The images will also be suitable for editorial use and our specialist PR team will also use them to drive coverage in magazines, as well as “Meet the Roasters” blog profiles on our site.

What will it cost to sell on Mhor.Coffee?

In addition to our one time registration fee, we will also charge a sales commission on all transactions through the site. The ongoing charges of selling via Mhor.Coffee are:

  • Sales Commission: We’re keeping this simple at a standard 18% of the value of each sale.
  • Listing Fees: We’ve made a decision that we will not charge listing fees – ever. We want you to list and sell as many coffees as you can make.
  • Transaction Fees: You’ll be charged a nominal transaction fee for every purchase by Stripe. This is currently 1.4% of the transaction value + 20p. This will be deducted by Stripe directly.

A Founder Roaster

The first 50 Artisan Roasters will become our founding members and be able to use our Founder Member logo in their own marketing. You are putting your faith in us, and giving us a chance, we want you to be rewarded for that loyalty. Once a Founder Roaster, always a Founder Roaster.

How to Apply

All you need to do now is apply to become an Artisan Roaster. It will take just about as much time to fill in the form, as it will for your kettle to boil. When your application is received one of our friendly team will be in touch to get things moving.

While our team processes your application, give some thought as to which products you would like to have photographed, ready to put on the site. That way we can get you up and running
as quickly as possible.