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If you like rich fruity coffees you will love this organic coffee from the Biftu Gudina Co-Operative. You will find rich raspberry with a slight tang of lemon curd, supported by a foundation of rich dark chocolate. A coffee extremely mellow and easy to drink yet strong enough to hold its own at anytime of the day.

Single Origin


Country: Ethiopia
Region: Agaro, Jimma
Farm: Biftu Gudina Co-Operative
Altitude: 1980-2100m
Process: Washed
Tasting notes:  Raspberry, lemon curd, rich dark chocolate.
Cup Score: 87.5

This is a washed process coffee to ensure evenness of flavour, after washing, the beans are dried in the sun, the extensive use of shade nets ensure that the beans dry slowly and evenly without getting prematurely dried out or scorched.

Biftu Gudino is a rapidly expanding co-operative founded in 2012 which now numbers 296 small farmers, almost a third of whom are women. The co-operative covers range from 1980-2100 meters above sea level in the Agaro, Jimma area of Western Ethiopia.

In addition to the vast improvements that working co-operatively has given in their coffee production, the co-operative members have also seen massive improvements to their own community’s infrastructure in the form of better roads, schools, and medical facilities.


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Coarse Grind for Cafetiere, Extra Coarse for Cold Brew, Extra Fine Grind for Espresso, Fine Grind for Aeropress, Medium Grind for Drip, Whole Beans


1kg, 250g, 500g

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Lars & Margo only offer speciality coffee, be it a single origin or in our blends where every component coffee is a speciality bean in its own right. We source from around the world, moving with the harvests to bring you an ever changing selection of high quality coffee, whilst ensuring we always have our signature #001 Espresso Blend ready for you at a moments notice!
We seek to bring the world of speciality small batch coffee to a wide audience, in the most ethical and sustainable way as possible. In dealing with our farmers directly we are able to ensure they receive a fair price for their beans and in building a relationship they know they can entrust with us year after year, providing them with an equitable partnership.

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