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Meet the Roasters: Blind Owl Coffee Co.

This small team has been roasting together since 2018, where they began on their 5kg roaster named Ozzy in an old stable block. Since then, they’ve moved to the historic district of St Philips Marsh in central Bristol, with Ozzy in tow to help them carve a small corner for themselves amongst some of the greats in artisan roasting. Their roastery shop has become a small hub enjoyed by coffee enthusiasts and newbies alike and is the ideal place for them to showcase some of the finest flavours from around the world.

Starting with responsibly sourced, top quality coffee beans, they hand roast in small quantities to ensure that every batch is roasted to the highest standard. Relying on their senses of sight, taste, and smell, they consider their method to be as much an art form as it is a science. 

Their team consists of passionate baristas, coffee enthusiasts and roasting nerds, as well as a slightly shy but quite arrogant cat. While they all share a passion for roasting and drinking great coffee (well, the cat is still a bit reluctant), they also share a belief that the sensory experience of a good coffee should be savoured and enjoyed, just like listening to your favourite music. Which is why they name their house blends after some of their favourite songs, helping to remind themselves of this belief and in the hope of sharing that moment with you too.

Share a moment with Blind Owl Coffee. Available to buy here.