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Lars & Margo Coffee Roasters at Mhor Coffee, Artisan Coffee Delivered Directly to your Door from the Roaster

Meet the Roasters: Lars & Margo

When a massive change in circumstances arose out of the blue Peter and Mandy, the founders of Lars & Margo chose to view their glass as half full – ever the optimists! Unknowingly entering into the Covid-19 pandemic, whilst newly employed within the NHS, they set the wheels in motion to follow Peter’s dream to set up a Speciality Small Batch Coffee Roastery in their home town of Liskeard, South East Cornwall.

With support from their families, friends and local community, ‘Genevieve’ their beautiful 5kg Toper Roaster, shipped in from Turkey when most UK roads were redundant thanks to lockdown. They bravely and confidently stepped forward into the world of coffee roasting. 

So who are Lars & Margo?

In recent years, knowing he was born in Cornwall, Peter decided to trace his birth family…on doing so he was surprised to discover his Danish heritage and that his original birth name was Lars! Always looking for the next exciting challenge in life, Mandy parted from her former vintage inspired lampshade business, Margo Popped In, and merged her original brand moniker with Lars to form the perfect blend: Lars & Margo.  

About Lars & Margo’s Coffee

In order to obtain the best coffee Lars & Margo work with a network of coffee bean farmers, some of which are co-operatives, located around the world. With a passion for their crops and a desire to innovate and experiment, they continue to create outstanding beans of exceptional quality. They carefully select growers from four continents of the globe; South America, North America, Africa and Asia. Taking these beans and creating incredible hand roasted coffee, ensures quality over quantity every time. They pride themselves in careful consideration of the qualities each regional bean has to offer, comparing aroma, flavour, colour and strength.

Lars & Margo only offer speciality coffee, be it a single origin or in blends, where every component coffee is a speciality bean in its own right.

Ian, one of the founders of Mhor Coffee, has been enjoying Lars & Margo’s signature Ethiopian roast this week. He commented “It’s really great to have Lars & Margo selling their roasts on our artisan marketplace. Discovering fantastic produce like this is exactly why we wanted to create a coffee marketplace that shines a spotlight on smaller artisan coffee roasters. Lars Margos Ethiopian signature blend has been fuelling me this week with its rich, dark chocolate flavours balanced with the fruity tang of raspberry. It’s been fairly perking up my flat whites in the morning.”

Check out the full range of Lars & Margo coffees here.

White Rose Coffee Roasters at Mhor Coffee - Artisan Coffee

Meet the Roasters: White Rose Coffee

White Rose Coffee Roasters started from a passion for coffee excellence thirty years in the making. The head roaster, Robert Cooper, has a long history of experience with commercial coffee equipment and supplying the catering trade.

They roast in Halifax, West Yorkshire and are proud to carry the Made in Yorkshire Mark which is dedicated to highlighting the best in food and drink exclusively produced in the Yorkshire Region.

Their roaster is manufactured by Toper Coffee Roasters in Turkey. It is a traditionally designed drum roaster making use of a gas flame under the drum and also air flow through the drum itself to roast the coffee beans. They roast their coffee in small batches daily. Their TKMSX5 roaster by Toper allows fine tuning of the gas flame height and air flow so they can make sure every roast develops perfectly.

In 2019 they were proud to receive a Great Taste Award Award for their unique espresso blend, Cattle Market Espresso, getting a 1 Star Rating from the judges.

The Mhor Coffee team have enjoyed tasting Robert’s coffees since he joined the platform.

Tricia, a founder of Mhor Coffee commented “There’s nothing we like better than exploring new coffee tastes – it’s exactly why we founded the site in the first place. Robert’s Cattle Market Espresso was a really tasty coffee and really brightened up our weekend roast. A friend of ours ordered the Rwandan Blueberry Candyfloss and hasn’t stopped raving about it since.”

You can check out White Rose Coffee Roasters’s full range on the site here.

Mhor Coffee Meet the Roaster Abe and Co

Meet the Roasters: Abe & Co

As a Speciality Coffee roaster, Abe & Co seasonally source and roast the finest coffee for their customers.

They believe that every cup, whether it be for surviving the morning after the night before, preparing for a tough workout,  pushing through the afternoon dip or enjoying a peaceful moment, should be special.

Founder Guy Levine’s journey from coffee lover to coffee roaster is an unusual story, though. We caught up with him to find out how Abe & Co came to be:

“It all started with my love of cycling. There is a tight link between the cycling and coffee world. Espresso before sessions. Caffeine in sports gels. Coffee companies sponsoring cycling teams of the past. The history is there. So as a keen cyclist I decided to buy an espresso machine neatly 10 years ago. I have never really looked back.”

“My first was a beautiful Rocket Giotto. I had 7 years of great fun with it, learning to keep it clean and replace the parts as they wore out. Being built around the famous e61 brew head meant it was pretty bombproof and easy to take care of and service. However, with a single boiler and no PID, there was quite a lot of flushing and tweaking each shot you pulled, but get it right and the shot sung. I decided on an upgrade.”

“I was looking at the Rocket line of machines (R9 one), the Lamarzocco Mini, and out of nowhere the Decent Espresso DE1. I went with the Decent, which I have to admit was a brave choice. There is no real provenance there, the technology is on the bleeding edge, and compared to the other brands – its looks are polarising. I have to say, I am very impressed. So impressed with the control I now had over my shots, I wanted to move on to roasting. The control from green coffee seed/bean to the final cup appealed. I can get quite obsessed over things!”

“My choice of roaster to start was the Aillio Bullet. But, safe to say, for small-batch, repeatable quality roasts, it sits at the top of its tree. There are upgrades of course, but for now…. this is where it is at. And here we are today. A pretty new roaster but obsessed. I look forward to sharing the journey with you.”

You can order Abe & Co’s range of coffees at Mhor.Coffee