Our Coffee

About our Coffee Beans

Our coffee blends are unique to us. We work with an expert artisan roaster to develop our blends, ensuring that they are consistent in taste, sourced from sustainable crops and use quality beans.

Small Batch, Artisan Coffee

We do not roast in large batches. A normal batch roast for us would be just 5kg. This enables us to keep the coffee as fresh as possible for you, maintain the quality of the roast (which is done by hand) and our production costs at a reasonable level. It’s called “small batch” and it’s synonymous with artisan coffee.

We pride ourselves in creating coffee blends that deliver on aroma, flavour, colour and strength.

Sustainably Sourced

We are fastidious about where our coffee comes from and we have sustainability at the heart of our coffee production as standard. We are not yet members of any major accreditation schemes, however we are comfortable that – if we were to pay their joining fees and submit to accreditation – that we would meet their exacting standards first time. It’s more important to us that we do the right thing, rather than simply pay to say we have (and have to put our prices up to cover the costs).

Blends, not Single Origin

Our coffees are unique blends. This really tests the skills of the artisan roaster to create a coffee that is consistent, high quality and enjoyable.

You won’t find our blends anywhere else but here.

Roasted in Scotland

Scottish food and drink is among the finest in the world. While coffee isn’t grown in Scotland, our passion for food and drink is second to none.

We’re very proud to roast where we call home, at the gateway to the Highlands that have inspired our coffee blends. Slainte!