Mhor About Us….

Mhor Coffee is owned and run by a couple of coffee lovers from the beautiful city of Perth, in Scotland.

Intrepid explorers of new coffee tastes for years, we love discovering new artisan coffees wherever we travel.

Locked in our homes during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic and unable to get our daily caffeine fix in any other way, we took to the internet to track down some of our favourite roasts. And then we got thinking…. what if coffee lovers could get their hands on the good stuff all from a single shop? Caffeine inspired genius.

A whole shop filled with artisan roasts, the greatest coffees on earth. What’s not to like?

Tricia had registered the domain a few years ago, which provided the inspiration for the brand. But, as a couple of entrepreneurial Scots, we wanted something that was just a little bit more than what it said on the tin. Something that had the promise of greatness. Because, frankly, who doesn’t want a great coffee?

Like all good Scots, we turned to the gaelic, swapping the More for Mhor, which means great. And great was exactly what we were looking for. Mhor Coffee was born.

Of course, and we hope this is a mere technicality and you’ll forgive us and love us anyway, Mhor is actually pronounced “vor” rather than ‘more’. But it’s greatness that counts, and that’s what we hope to deliver.