Our Core Blends

Our Core Blends

Each of our core blends is unique, offering you, the drinker, a slightly different coffee experience with each sip.

The Aonach Mhor

The cornerstone of our core range of coffees, The Aonach Mhor is available all year round and the coffee we use in our own coffee house. It’s a medium roast of a blend of Central and South American beans which gently roasted to bring out a natural apricot acidity with berries, hints of almonds and delightful caramel notes. It’s smooth and buttery to drink and we’re big fans of an Aonach Mhor latte.

It’s named after the mountain Aonach Mòr near Fort William, which translates as “the big ridged mountain”. Aonach is pronounced “Ooo-nuch” in Scots Gaelic.

The Bheinn Mhor

The darkest of our core range, The Bheinn Mhor is a bittersweet blend of South American beans that delivers hints of nuts and raisins aplenty. A robust mouthfeel complements its darker notes with a subtle hint of dark roast bitterness without feeling it’s been over-toasted.

It’s named after the mountain Glas Bheinn Mhor near Fort William, which translates as “the big grey hill”. Bheinn is pronounced “Vay-nn” in Scots Gaelic.

Carn Mhor Label

The Carn Mhor

The Càrn Mhor is a robust and punchy roast of speciality arabica beans, which come together to create notes of plum, dark chocolate and sweet toffee. This coffee has great character with a smooth taste.

It’s named after the Càrn Mòr “Ladder Hills”, a Corbett near Glenlivet, which translates as “the big cairnl”. Càrn is pronounced “Carn” in Scots Gaelic.

The Creag Mhor

The third coffee in our core range is the delighful Creag Mhor, a blend of medium roasted Indonesian and South American beans. This blend is low in acidity with notes of vanilla biscuit, chocolate and caramel. It’s a great all rounder.

It’s named after the mountain Creag Mhor near Aberfeldy, which translates as “the big crag”. Creag is pronounced “Kr-aag” in Scots Gaelic.

The Etive Mhor

The Etive Mhor is a medium to dark roast and also features in our core range of coffee blends. Crafted using Indonesian beans, it’s low in acidity and very popular with the Americano drinkers as a result. It’s earthy, spicy and chocolatey taste set it apart and we love it as our morning brew.

It’s named after the mountain Buachaille Etive Mòr near Fort William, which translates as “the big herdsman of Etive”. It is one of the most pituresque parts of Scotland with breath-taking views. Etive is pronounced “Eh-teev” in Scots Gaelic.

No Mhor Caffeine

Sometimes you can have too much of a good thing. Our No Mhor Caffeine is ideal if you are searching for a tasty decaf coffee. With notes of warming spices, chocolate and a nice clean finish, it’s everything you will expect from an artisan coffee but with all of the caffeine carefully removed.

The decaffeination method, called Mountain Water Process, immerses the coffee beans in water to extract the caffeine, allowing the green beans to maintain their flavour. This method is done by DESCAMEX (Descafeinadores Mexicanos).

Our decaf is also a traceable single estate coffee from the Finca La Laja farm, a third generation family business, located close to the village of Huatusco in the state of Veracruz. The farm is certified for its sustainable production with Rainforest Alliance.

The Festive Mhor

No need to guess which season this roast is for! Dark and spicy, this is a must for Christmas Day.

We normally roast it mid October so keep an eye out for it if you’re a fan of all things Santa!