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So you know you like a chocolatey coffee, but you quite fancy trying a few different blends? Then check out our brand new Triple Mhor Chocolate Blends which includes one 250g bag of each of our most chocolatey blends, roasted to perfection, and available as a trio with a tasty little discount, saving you money.

Etive Mhor

Etive is a full bodied medium/dark roast of Indonesian beans, low in acidity, which come together to create an earthy, spicy and chocolatey taste. Robust and tasty, this makes for the great morning blend.

Carn Mhor

The Càrn Mhor is a robust and punchy roast of speciality arabica beans, which come together to create notes of plum, dark chocolate and sweet toffee. This coffee has great character with a smooth taste.

Creag Mhor

Creag is a blend of medium roasted Indonesian and South American beans, low in acidity with notes of vanilla biscuit, chocolate and caramel. A great all rounder, we enjoyed it as both Americano and as a latte.

Weight: 250g per bag

GRINDS: Currently available as Whole Beans, Coarse and Fine Grind

Which Grind is right for me?

Not sure which grind will be right for you – here’s our really easy guide to selecting the right grind for your coffee maker. If, like us, you have a variety of coffee makers, you might need more than one grind. If your maker is not got a specific grind for it, go to the next nearest down the scale (e.g for Aeropress in Mhor Coffee, we go for the Fine Grind).

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Coarse Grind for Cafetiere, Fine Grind for Aeropress, Whole Beans