Is it worth getting a coffee subscription? Unlocking the Perks of Monthly Coffee Subscriptions

Monthly Coffee Subscriptions

In a world where coffee is not just a beverage but a daily ritual, the idea of a monthly coffee subscription has gained popularity for more than just convenience but is it worth getting a coffee subscription?

Beyond the excitement of receiving a selection of freshly roasted beans at your doorstep, a coffee subscription can also be a smart financial move.

Let’s explore the cost-saving benefits that make monthly coffee subscriptions a savvy choice for both your palate and your wallet.

Monthly Coffee Subscriptions enjoy Economies of Scale & Reduced Markup

One of the primary advantages of a monthly coffee subscription is the principle of economies of scale. By committing to a regular delivery, Mhor Coffee can optimise our production processes, purchasing larger quantities of beans at a lower cost per unit. This cost efficiency is then passed on to you as subscribers in the form of more affordable prices for high-quality artisan coffee.

Also, when you buy coffee from a retailer or cafe, a significant portion of the price you pay covers retail markup. In contrast, coffee subscription services eliminate the middleman, allowing you to purchase directly from the roaster or supplier. Due to reduced delivery costs from regular deliveries, there’s often an additional saving on any delivery fees. This direct-to-consumer model cuts out retail markups, translating to more savings for coffee enthusiasts who opt for a subscription service.

Budget-Friendly Predictability

In addition to the direct cost savings, a monthly coffee subscription provides a level of budget-friendly predictability. Knowing the fixed cost of your coffee supply each month allows you to plan your expenses more effectively. This predictability can be especially appealing in times of economic uncertainty, providing a stable and enjoyable element in your routine without breaking the bank.

A monthly subscription is more than just a convenient way to ensure a steady supply of your favourite beans. It’s a strategic and economical choice that brings a host of financial benefits. From economies of scale to reduced retail markups, and the joy of exploring new flavours without the extra hassle, the cost-saving advantages of a coffee subscription make it a wise investment for both your palate and your pocket.

Exploration Without Extra Expense

For the adventurous coffee enthusiast who loves exploring new flavours and origins, a subscription service offers a cost-effective way to do so. Instead of splurging on individual bags of speciality coffee, a subscription lets you try a diverse range of beans. This exploration not only adds excitement to your coffee experience but also helps you discover new favourites without the financial risk. It also makes a great gift for a coffee lover when you are not sure what kind of coffee they will like – the variety spreads any risk of getting it wrong. While not a direct monetary benefit, the time and convenience gained from a coffee subscription can indirectly contribute to your overall cost savings. Eliminating the need to make frequent trips to the city centre for coffee means more time saved, which can be redirected to other productive or enjoyable activities.

You can check out Mhor Coffee’s range of gift and monthly coffee subscriptions here.


How customisable are coffee subscriptions?

Coffee subscriptions typically offer a certain level of customisation to cater to individual preferences. Our customers may have the option to choose between various types of coffee grinds, such as fine grinds or coffee beans.

Are there any environmental considerations associated with coffee subscriptions?

We source coffee beans from farms that practice sustainable farming methods, including organic and fair trade certification. We also use eco-friendly packaging materials, such as compostable or recyclable packaging (our bags are generally accepted in most local authority Grey Bins for plastic wrapping waste) to minimize our environmental footprint. Our shipping options use established operators like Royal Mail to ensure that we minimise the impact of transportation in getting our beans to you as fresh as they can be.

What measures are in place to ensure the quality and freshness of the coffee beans?

To maintain the quality and freshness of coffee beans, our roasting processes are often carefully monitored to preserve the flavour profile of the beans, and our packaging methods are designed to protect against exposure to light, air, and moisture, which can degrade coffee over time. Our subscription customers receive the freshest roasts in each delivery.